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Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Property Management Company

Managing a commercial property requires a lot of work. Although, doing it yourself may seem like the cheapest option, you could be limiting your savings, profit and investment opportunities. A Commercial Property Management Company is an investment that will pay off by saving you time, money and stress in the long run. Your cost to [...]

How to Find Quality Tenants

Finding quality tenants for your property can be tricky. As a landlord, you want to protect your investment, but you don't want your unit to remain vacant for an extended period of time which damages profit potential. Sometimes, you are stuck between wanting quality candidates who will take care of your property and lowering your [...]

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How to Hire a Property Management Company

The right property management company is a powerful asset for a landlord. But where do you begin to hire one? How do you find out what your options are? How do you find the best one for your needs? Here are our tips for finding and hiring a stellar property management partner: Discover Your Options [...]

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4 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company

Running a property means keeping a lot of plates spinning, which can get overwhelming and draining -- fast. Luckily, that’s where a property management company comes in. The job of a property manager is to take those plates off your hands, so you can spend your time and energy handling bigger things. From saving you [...]

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Tenant Communication 5/14/2020 – New Payment Options

Hello!  We hope this finds you safe and well! We, at Kunkel Wittenauer Group, are always looking for ways to enhance our partnership with those we serve!  Even amidst a global pandemic there are ways to improve the service we offer if we just look hard enough and stay focused on our assistance to others.  [...]

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Landlord Communication – May 7, 2020

Communication is a problem that many landlords have with their management company. We want to be as up-front and open with our clients as possible. Below is an email communication we sent to all owners. May 7, 2020 I hope this email finds you safe and healthy! As we continue to navigate our way through [...]

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