Property Management Companies in Belleville, IL

Kunkel Wittenauer Group is proud to be serving those who live in Belleville for over three decades! If you’re looking for property management companies in Belleville, IL, then you have come to the right place. Cecil Management Group has a team of experts along with the tools needed to get your property rented as fast as possible. In addition to low vacancy rates, our goal is to also get the highest amount of rent for your property based on current market rates.

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Choosing the Best Belleville Property Management Company

We have over 35 years of experience in Belleville so we know what it takes to get your home or apartments rented. Our goal is to lessen the risks associated with rental property as well as take the headaches away from you. Often times we see property owners try to handle everything on their own but they run in to problems. These problems may be difficulty sourcing vendors for repairs, unable to collect rent, unable to properly screen quality tenants, and not knowing local and state rental laws. Kunkel Wittenauer Group is here so you can have the freedom you have always wanted to spend more times with family and friends.

Property Maintenance
We like to treat your investment property as if it were something that we owned.  Get the highest level care for you property.

  • Regular monthly maintenance
  • Take care of required inspections needed during tenant turnover
  • Quickly and efficiently perform maintenance projects
  • Get 24/7 emergency care

If your home or apartment for rent cannot be found, it won’t rent quickly. We provide the ability for your rental property to be seen.

  • Quality marketing to get you the biggest rental rates for your property
  • Advertising your property so vacancy rates are extremely low

Tenant Retention & Selection
 Sourcing and retaining high quality renters will ultimately increase rental cash flow.

  • Screen tenants
  • Collecting rents on-time
  • Promptly address tenant concerns and questions

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    I have always had a good experience With Cecil Management Group. If you have any problem they take care of it right away. They are very professional Group of people.
    James M., Property Management Client