Customer Testimonials

I was in England for several years for the Air Force and now I’m in Texas, so managing my house in O’Fallon myself was out of the question. I almost lost a tenant while I was using another company. Their customer service had declined and it was turning into a lot of work for me to make sure things got done. I switched to Kunkel Wittenauer Group and they saved the day. 

Nicholas S, Property Owner

“Over the years, Kunkel Wittenauer Group has handled the management of more than a dozen rental properties for me. I self-managed them in the past but got tired of the hassles. They have done an excellent job as the go-between for the tenants. I especially appreciate that they handle all of the maintenance issues and keep up with the current laws. It’s nice not having to deal with late-night phone calls anymore, especially now that I’m retired and spend a lot of time traveling. I’ve always run first-class properties and I know with Kunkel Wittenauer Group my tenants are getting the attention and care they deserve. I’m currently working with Joni Fultz to sell my properties. We’re offering our current tenants a chance to make an offer. We’ve closed on one already and two more are coming up. Joni, Renee, and everyone at Kunkel Wittenauer Group have been great to work with.”

Jim Shepard, Residential Owner

“I have several rental properties and for the last few years Kunkel Wittenauer Group has been managing 3 of them. I used to manage them myself, but it’s a 45-minute drive just to get there. Between that and my kids’ sports and other activities, I just don’t have the time anymore. They take care of everything and I am very pleased so far. Janet Moskwa is great and works hard to help me out. They have a lot of people to call on to do the work. For example, if I need to find a carpenter myself, I might have to wait a month or two before they can fit me in. The property might sit vacant and that’s a loss of rent. Kunkel Wittenauer is on top of things and can get things squared away pretty quick and back on the market. When each of my other properties become vacant, I plan to turn the management over to Kunkel Wittenauer Group.”

Aaron W., Property Owner

“I highly recommend Kunkel Wittenauer Group to manage any complex tasks. I have referred some of my clients to Kunkel Wittenauer Group, thanks to what I consider to be their outstanding performance, and attention to quality.”

John L. Eichenlaub, Eagle Ridge Condominium Association Board Member

“Kunkel Wittenauer Group makes the entire process proactive, positive and exceptionally professional. We trust them to manage three of our residential units and they simply handle the entire leasing process for us – keeping us more profitable, but more importantly more confident. We highly recommend partnering with them for all of your property management needs.”

Josh and Rachel Reseman, Residential Investor Owner

I saw Kunkel Wittenauer Group’s Facebook ad and found my duplex on their website. Everything went surprisingly smooth, despite moving in during the pandemic. Their communication with me throughout the process was great and they made it all very easy.
When my AC went out, they had a guy out the next day to recharge it. When that didn’t work, they quickly put in a whole new unit. They were great about answering my questions and giving me notice whenever service people would be there. They’ve been really good to work with.

Dave L , Tenant

“We were moving to the area from Washington state and were referred to Kunkel Wittenauer Group by my employer. We had a general idea of the region and had heard good things about O’Fallon. Rebecca Hopkins was our realtor and she gave us really good insight into the different neighborhoods, schools, and things to do in the area. Rebecca found properties that fit our wish list, but she also showed us options in town that we wouldn’t have thought of. As first-time homebuyers, we can’t say enough about how easy Rebecca made things for us. We were worried that we’d have to travel back and forth a lot, but she understood and guided us through the process. It all went very smoothly. Her knowledge and expertise gave us the confidence to go to bed at night knowing we had made an offer we could live with, and that if it wasn’t accepted, it would be okay. We got the first house we placed an offer on. Rebecca went above and beyond, signing papers late into the night because of the time zone difference. Shortly after we moved in, she spotted us in downtown O’Fallon and came over to say hello. She remembered our parents and daughter’s names. We couldn’t have felt more welcome! We would not hesitate to recommend Rebecca and Kunkel Wittenauer Group.”

Bert and Emily D.

“When we started our commercial real estate LLC in 2012, choosing Dave Kunkel and the Kunkel Wittenauer Group was hands down our best decision. They have literally been our third business partner from the beginning, providing sound business advice and a full range of professional services. They meticulously manage our properties, brokered the purchase of our second building, and negotiate our leases with honesty and integrity to maximize our properties’ potential. When it comes to commercial real estate, the Kunkel Wittenauer Group is simply the best!”

Baxter Swift, Hunt-Swift Enterprises, LLC.

“I think of Kunkel Wittenauer Group in terms of “3 Cs.” Extremely COMPETENT property managers; effective and responsive COMMUNICATION; and I can tell they CARE. We are active-duty military and had another company managing our rental house when we relocated. I flew in to do a walk-through when the last tenant was going to move out. The company never confirmed my appointment and wasn’t ready for me when I arrived, even though I scheduled my visit far in advance. Worse than the poor communication, when I saw the property, it was clear that it had not been taken care of. I contacted Kunkel Wittenauer Group. Janet Moskwa returned my call immediately. She understood that I only had a day and a half before I had to fly back and accommodated me. We switch to them right away. We had already planned to make some improvements and I had been gathering flooring and HVAC quotes myself—something I should have been able to have my management company do. I thought I’d need to fly back again to see everything through until Janet stepped in. She was so helpful in getting quotes and even took charge of the tenant move-out process. Everyone there is very responsive and they have a great website that allows me to manage my records. As a military family that moves a lot, we needed a dependable property management company. Kunkel Wittenauer Group, and Janet in particular, were a godsend.”

Christina Perez, Property Owner

“Kunkel Wittenauer Group’s knowledge and experience of leasing retail and office space has helped me find quality tenants for my buildings. Dave has proven himself to be dependable, responsive and a good communicator. I also appreciate his sound advice when negotiating that helps facilitate the deal.”

Gayle Frey, President Frey Properties

My husband is active duty military and were looking for a house in O’Fallon. I contacted Kunkel Wittenauer Group and told them our family size and what we were looking for. They directed us to a house that was coming available. They worked with our realtor to have her show us the property. It fit our family perfectly!
The application process was all online and once we were approved, our move-in was seamless. They’ve been so responsive to the few maintenance issues we’ve had to contact them about. I’ve been very happy with how quickly they handle things. If it’s something they can’t do, they contract it out right away to a company that can. We feel very blessed to be tenants of Kunkel Wittenauer Group! ~Kelly Wulf

Kelly W. , Tenant

“Kelly Hulvey of Kunkel Commercial Group sold our office building in a tough market for a seller. She was professional, responsive, diligent and gave us good advice throughout the whole process. We felt ourselves lucky to have had her assistance and have referred others to her.”

Kate and Bill Gavin

I’m in the unique position of having seen Kunkel Wittenauer Group from both sides. I’m a recently retired employee and a tenant. I started working at the company in 1997, years before it went by the name Kunkel Wittenauer Group. When I sold my house and moved to a duplex in 2015, I never even considered any other option than one of the properties they managed.

Cindy George, Tenant

“We want to thank you for the great result! You and your team were very thorough and professional throughout the process. Luke and Kelly were great to work with.”

Mike and Mary Benker

“We were moving out of town and decided to rent out our house. We hired Kunkel Wittenauer Group to manage it. They took care of everything and found a tenant very quickly. Everything went really great from the beginning. Since we were no longer in the area, I really liked how well they kept us informed. They were very communicative and straightforward in their emails and calls. At the end of the tenant’s lease, they brought up the idea of selling the house. That wasn’t on our radar, but they gave us the breakdown and market analysis showing that it would be a good time to put it on the market. Joni Fultz handled everything including setting the right price. It sold quickly and the entire process went swimmingly. Everything was handled virtually and online—it was almost too easy! I have nothing but good things to say about Joni and Kunkel Wittenauer Group.”

John Gallegos, Residential Owner

We want to thank you for the great result! You and your team were very thorough and professional throughout the process. Luke and Kelly were great to work with. Please use for a reference at any time.

Mike and Mary B