Tailored Commercial Property Solutions for Unique Business Needs

At Kunkel Wittenauer Group, we understand that no two companies are exactly alike, and this extends to their commercial property needs. In many instances, the ideal solution for a business is a custom-designed and constructed facility that aligns perfectly with its unique requirements. This is where our Build-to-Suit services come into play.

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    Expert Guidance Through Every Step

    When you choose Kunkel Wittenauer Group for your Build-to-Suit project, you’re selecting a partner with extensive experience in the development process. We’re here to take the mystery and complexity out of building your ideal commercial property. 

    Land Acquisition Assistance

    We assist in finding and acquiring the perfect plot of land for your project, utilizing our deep market knowledge and extensive network of contacts. Our team evaluates potential sites to ensure they meet your specific needs and align with your project's goals.

    Municipal Approvals

    Navigating the maze of municipal regulations and approvals can be challenging, and we manage this process for you. Our expertise in dealing with local authorities ensures that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained efficiently, avoiding unnecessary delays.

    Budget Management

    We keep a vigilant eye on your budget, ensuring the project stays on track financially. Our team implements rigorous cost-control measures and provides regular financial updates, ensuring transparency and fiscal responsibility throughout the project.

    Design and Construction Oversight

    Our team oversees every aspect of the design and construction process, ensuring that the final product meets your exact specifications. We work closely with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders, coordinating efforts to deliver a project that reflects your vision and requirements.

    Post-Construction Management and Leasing

    If needed, we also offer services to manage and lease the space upon completion. Our management services extend to facilitating a smooth transition to operational status, and our leasing team works to ensure the space is occupied with the right tenants, maximizing your investment returns.

    For Every Experience Level

    We cater to clients across the spectrum of experience with the development process. If you’re embarking on your first build-to-suit project, our team provides the guidance and support you need to navigate each phase with confidence. We break down complex procedures, making them understandable and manageable, ensuring you’re involved and informed at every step. 

    For those who are more experienced but lack the time or resources to dedicate to managing a build-to-suit project, we offer a comprehensive service package. Our team steps in to handle all aspects of the project, from initial planning to final execution, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Our goal is to provide peace of mind, knowing that your project is in capable hands, regardless of your level of experience in real estate development.

    Flexible Compensation Models

    Understanding that each client’s financial and operational goals are unique, we offer a variety of compensation models for our build-to-suit projects. For clients who wish to retain ownership of the facility, we can manage the entire development process on a fee basis. This arrangement allows you to maintain control over your assets while benefiting from our expert management services. 

    Alternatively, for clients who prefer not to own the building, we offer models where the facility is owned by another party, and you enter into a long-term lease agreement. This common approach is ideal for businesses that want to enjoy the benefits of a custom-built facility without the responsibilities of ownership. In either scenario, we work closely with you to determine the most advantageous and feasible option, ensuring that the financial arrangement aligns with your business objectives and long-term strategy.

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