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A Solid Financial Portfolio Requires Diversity.

Investments in commercial real estate can be a perfect addition to a well-balanced portfolio.

Kunkel Wittenauer Group can help you locate commercial property investments to meet your specific financial goals. Ideally, finding a building with a 10% cap, triple A tenant, long-term lease would make investing easy, but that is not the norm. Enter Kunkel Wittenauer Group. We’ll help you locate and evaluate risk vs. reward on the commercial real estate options available. We have decades of local market experience and know the benefits as well as the pitfalls to avoid when making a property investment in the local communities that make up the Metro East commercial real estate market. Furthermore, Kunkel Wittenauer Group’s solid relationships with owners in the area, positions us as the first to know about available properties before they hit the market.

Kunkel Wittenauer Group can assist you in making investment decisions. Then, after you’ve achieved the maximum value from your investment, we can assist you with divesting that property.

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