Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Property Management Company

Managing a commercial property requires a lot of work. Although, doing it yourself may seem like the cheapest option, you could be limiting your savings, profit and investment opportunities. A Commercial Property Management Company is an investment that will pay off by saving you time, money and stress in the long run. Your cost to [...]

Landlord Communication – May 7, 2020

Communication is a problem that many landlords have with their management company. We want to be as up-front and open with our clients as possible. Below is an email communication we sent to all owners. May 7, 2020 I hope this email finds you safe and healthy! As we continue to navigate our way through [...]

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More millennials plan to rent forever, can’t afford to buy a home

Below is a snippet from that discusses why millennials aren't planning on buying a house anytime soon. They are burdened with student-debt and skyrocketing home prices are forcing millennials to rent. Just over 12% of millennial renters plan to "always rent" — more than the 10.7% that said the same last year, a new Apartment [...]

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3 Things To Know Before You Hire A Property Manager

The following is an intro of a blog article from The article provides details on The 3 Things To Know Before You Hire A Property Manager. For the full article, click here. The further a rental property is from your next duty station, the harder it is to manage... and the more you should [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company

Setting the Rental Rates Maximizing on the Profitability of Your Investment Collecting as Well as Depositing Monthly Rent Payments Maximizing Your Time's Profitability Advertising and Marketing the Property Making it Possible for You to Invest in Geographically Distant Properties Finding the Best Tenants Making Sure that You are Fully Compliance with Property Laws and Local [...]

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Should You Hire an HOA Company?

Homeowners Associations are, often times, difficult to manage with just individuals from a neighborhood. Managing an HOA requires a time commitment that’s hard to balance with work and family life, and dealing with compliance issues and complaints can put a strain on neighborly relationships. A qualified HOA management company will work alongside community boards to [...]

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Finding The Right Commercial Property Manager

Finding a reliable commercial property management company for your commercial property is one of the most important decisions you can make. A quality property manager will give you more peace of mind and freedom as an investor, and he or she can help you obtain the maximum return on your property investment. Putting your property [...]

How to Find the Right Property Manager

So you’ve made the decision to hire a property manager for your rental property to give you more peace of mind and freedom. Now you must choose the right property management company. This may seem like a challenge but you can easily navigate these waters by learning what questions are important. Prior to interviewing management [...]

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5 Reasons You NEED a Property Manager

Have rental property but not sure if you should hire a property manager?  Many residential rental property owners know that property management can be taxing not only time wise but on your patience as well. Managing a rental property takes more than just a do-it-yourself type of person. You need to be up to date [...]

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