Tenant Communication 5/14/2020 – New Payment Options

May 15, 2020

Hello!  We hope this finds you safe and well!

We, at Kunkel Wittenauer Group, are always looking for ways to enhance our partnership with those we serve!  Even amidst a global pandemic there are ways to improve the service we offer if we just look hard enough and stay focused on our assistance to others.  In fact, sometimes our circumstances cause us to shift our thinking and then alter our processes.  You can count on that dedication to you and for you in all we do.

Last month, we shared our new CashPay service which allows tenants to conveniently pay their rent at WalMart or FCB Bank. At a time when we are encouraged to find ways to limit our exposure to others, this payment option offers enhanced convenience and safety. Many of our tenants chose to try it last month.  If you have not done so yet and are interested in this feature, please let us know so we can email you the details.

This month, as we have continued to work at finding ways to improve our service to you, we are incorporating two more upgrades. 

First, we have added the ability for tenants to call us and make payments over the phone.  The reduction of checks and money orders through our office, postal system and banking systems is our way of helping protect the safety of you, our team members and other essential workers in our communities.  Furthermore, this offering helps us comply with the stay at home orders that we currently face as we come together to fight the pandemic.   

Second, for those who schedule monthly payment of rent each month, we have reduced online convenience fees associated with using the online portal to make your payment!

-If you prefer to use your bank account routing and account number when calling in to pay your rent each month, now the fee associated with doing so will only be $1.50.

-If you prefer to use your debit or credit card number when calling in to pay your rent each month, now the fee associated with that form of payment will only be an additional 3% of your total rent. If your rent is over $1,000 and that fee would be more now than you have experienced in past when using your debit or credit card, please contact us directly to discuss ways to avoid that increase as we recognize this might be the case for some of our tenants and we have come up with options for avoiding that from happening.

If you have not yet established access to the portal to pay online, please email us and we will send you a link. When you log in to pay, you can elect to automatically debit your account on the 1st of each month if you are interested in automating that process.   When you establish the automatic debit, this enables you to take advantage of another great benefit we offer our tenants which is the option to opt in for credit reporting. That’s right – not only can you call in to pay or pay online from the safety and convenience of your own home, but if you set up the automatic debit you can set up the convenient automatic payment while also building your credit through our portal! We are always working to improve our services to you while also attempting to help you improve your life for you.

For all communications regarding your portal and payments, please contact Christina and Julie in our Accounting Department. Their team email is accounting@choosekwg.com or you can dial the extension prompt under residential (prompt 2) when calling our office at (618) 632-8200.

We look forward to assisting you!

Thank you,

Kunkel Wittenauer Group

Accounting Team

Christina Mason and Julie Lammers


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