Frustrated with your HOA Management?

April 2, 2018
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Maybe it’s time to make a change for the better.

Your HOA Manager should be making life for the HOA and the property owners easier, leading the way on policies and improvements. But all too often, the manager, or management company, is lagging behind, creating frustration for everyone. There’s really no reason to stay in that HOA Company OFallon Housesituation. If your contract is coming up for renewal, consider switching to a professional HOA Management Company. Here are just a few benefits:

Better Communication

Most frustrations with HOA managers come from lack of communication, and sometimes that’s because the manager is only working part time or just isn’t well trained. A professional HOA management company like KWG Property Management knows that clear and timely communication is key to a well-run association.

Responsive to Needs

A quality HOA company will recognize how important it is to act quickly when there’s a problem, especially one that could cause property damage or a safety concern. The manager needs to be responsive in addressing issues, and see the projects through to completion.

Professional Handling of Compliance

Compliance issues must be handled with complete professionalism, as it can be a touchy subject for the owners who are out of compliance, and for the neighbors who are upset about it. Each issue must be handled properly and fairly, so as to maintain property values and peace in the neighborhood.

Organized Record Keeping

All HOA financial reports and other required documents must be completed in a timely manner, maintained and organized, and available to the board upon request. No HOA should ever put up with incomplete or missing documents.

Go With The Best HOA Management Company, KWG Properties

We Care About Your Property

You want your HOA manager to care about your property as much as you do. We take great pride in the properties we manage, as their safety and beauty become a reflection on us.

We Bring Leadership 

Managing properties is mostly about managing people. In an HOA environment, there can be disagreements and tension, and a professional manager knows how to keep the situation calm and address each person with understanding and respect. We work toward solutions that result in all parties knowing their concerns were handled fairly.

We Bring Experience and Professionalism

We don’t do this as a hobby or side job. HOA management requires full time professionals, who are thoroughly trained and experienced. No one can do an adequate job for your HOA if they are not available every day, or lack the experience to handle whatever comes up in any given day.

We Love What We Do

We love what we do, and we hire professionals who love it too. We’re a great company to work for, so we get the best out of our managers, and so will you.

Ready for a Change? Here’s How.

If your existing contract is coming up soon, that’s the best time to start looking for a new management company.

But if you’re really unhappy with the service you’re receiving, and you’re nowhere near the end of your contract, review it carefully to see if there’s a way out, or if there’s a penalty for ending it. You may get out by contending that your existing company is not living up to their end of the agreement, and therefore you want out without penalty. But, even if you have to pay a penalty, consider that it may be worth it. Is the lack of service costing you time and money? Are issues going unresolved? Sometimes paying to get out of a bad deal is well worth the cost. That’s something your board should review and consider.

If you want more information on what a good HOA Management Company can do for you, give us a call at 618-624-4610 or click here to contact us.

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