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Not Just Apartments

We have the best selection of rental homes, condos and apartments around. Kunkel Wittenauer Group also has a team that is ready to help you with your commercial and residential purchases.

24/7 Maintenance

Need something? We’ve got you covered! Help is just a click or call away…even in the middle of the night!

Hassle Free Homeowners Association Management

We can manage your HOA to take the stress and personal commitment off of individual homeowners.

Office Address:   784 Wall Street – Suite 150, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Mailing Address: PO Box 459, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Phone: (618) 632-8200
Office Hours: M-F: 8:30am-5pm


We grew up here. We live here. We care about the Metro East and know what makes this a great place to live!

Dave Kunkel


Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-977-1846
Email: dave@choosekwg.com
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Renee Wittenauer

Property Manager/Managing Broker/ARM/CAM/Owner

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: renee@choosekwg.com
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Luke Allan

Broker Associate

Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-578-3598
Email: luke@choosekwg.com
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Brendan Barone

Broker Associate

Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-606-3829
Email: brendan@choosekwg.com
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Brian Durham

Maintenance Technician

Trish Fouts


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: trish@choosekwg.com
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Jeff Franke

Commercial Sales and Leasing

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: jeff@choosekwg.com
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Joni Fultz


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: joni@choosekwg.com
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Cindy George

Office/Leasing Specialist

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: cindy@choosekwg.com
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Kelly Hulvey

Broker Associate

Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-210-4702
Email: kelly@choosekwg.com
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Christine Imming

Director-Commercial Management

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: christine@choosekwg.com
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Stu Kasten

HOA Manager/Broker

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: stu@choosekwg.com
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Jane Kehrer

Administrative Assistant

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: jane@choosekwg.com
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Gail Kunkel

Gail Kunkel

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: gail@choosekwg.com
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Jessica Lamb

Jessica Lamb

Real Estate Leasing Licensed Agent

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: jessica@choosekwg.com
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Julie Lammers

Accounting Administrative Assistant

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: julie@choosekwg.com
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Terry Lammers


Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-530-8922
Email: terry@choosekwg.com
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Rena Love

Leasing Agent

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: rena@choosekwg.com
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George Metos


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: george@choosekwg.com
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Christina Mason

Real Estate Leasing Licensed Agent/Director of Operations

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: christina@choosekwg.com
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Anita Meise

Maintenance Administrative Assistant

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: anita@choosekwg.com
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Amanda Moore

Real Estate Leasing Licensed Agent/Renewal Specialist

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: amanda@choosekwg.com
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Janet Moskwa

Licensed Leasing Agent/Marketing Specialist

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: janet@choosekwg.com
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Nekisha Omotola


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: nekisha@choosekwg.com
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Kristi Pulcher

HOA Manager/Broker

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: kristi@choosekwg.com
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Donna Range

Real Estate Leasing Licensed Agent/Inspector

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: donna@choosekwg.com
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Brianna Sabatino

Real Estate Licensed Leasing Agent

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: brianna@choosekwg.com
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Steve Schaefer

Maintenance Technician

Marquita Trenier Wiley


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: marquita@innovativeba.com
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Farm Land For Sale

Joshua Young

Broker Associate, Farm Specialist

Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 217-851-0242
Email: josh@choosekwg.com
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Dan Young

Maintenance Technician