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We have the best selection of rental homes, condos and apartments around. Kunkel Wittenauer Group also has a team that is ready to help you with your commercial and residential purchases.

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Need something? We’ve got you covered! Help is just a click or call away…even in the middle of the night!

Office Address:   784 Wall Street – Suite 150, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Mailing Address: PO Box 459, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Phone: (618) 632-8200
Office Hours: M-F: 8:30am-5pm


We grew up here. We live here. We care about the Metro East and know what makes this a great place to live!

Dave Kunkel


Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-977-1846
Email: dave@choosekwg.com
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Renee Wittenauer

Property Manager/Managing Broker/ARM/CAM/Co-Owner

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: renee@choosekwg.com
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Luke Allan

Broker Associate

Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-578-3598
Email: luke@choosekwg.com
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Brendan Barone

Broker Associate

Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-606-3829
Email: brendan@choosekwg.com
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Kevin Beck


Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-550-8762
Email: kevin@choosekwg.com
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Maddie Blackburn

Leasing Specialist

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: maddie@choosekwg.com
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Kyla Duckworth

Administrative Assistant Commercial Management Division

Office: 618-632-8200, ext. 108
Email: kyla@choosekwg.com

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Jeff Franke

Broker/Commercial Sales and Leasing

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: jeff@choosekwg.com
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Joe Hopkins


Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-698-4325
Email: joe@choosekwg.com

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Kelly Hulvey

Broker Associate

Office: 618-632-8200
Mobile: 618-210-4702
Email: kelly@choosekwg.com
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Ashley Hummert

Leasing Specialist

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: ashley@choosekwg.com
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Christine Imming

Director-Commercial Management

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: christine@choosekwg.com
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Jane Kehrer

Administrative Assistant

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: jane@choosekwg.com
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Jessica Lamb

Leasing Agent
Leasing Department Manager
Association Department Manager

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: jessica@choosekwg.com
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Julie Lammers

Director of Accounting Services

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: julie@choosekwg.com
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George Metos


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: george@choosekwg.com
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Janet Moskwa

Trace Property Manager
Licensed Leasing Agent

Office: 618-224-3320
Email: janet@choosekwg.com
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Stephanie Navales

Administrative Assistant

Office: 618-224-3320, Ext. 123
Email: stephanie@choosekwg.com

Nekisha Omotola


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: nekisha@choosekwg.com
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Donna Range

Licensed Leasing Agent/Inspector

Office: 618-632-8200
Email: donna@choosekwg.com
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Christy Setton

Assistant Manager, Commercial Division

Office: 618-632-8200, ext. 125
Email: christy@choosekwg.com
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Marquita Trenier Wiley


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: marquita@innovativeba.com
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Amy Wood

Trace Leasing Manager

Office: 618-224-3320
Email: amy@choosekwg.com
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Dan Young

Maintenance Technician

Tim Johnston


Office: 618-632-8200
Email: tim@choosekwg.com

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