Commercial Brokerage

Kunkel Commercial Group’s Customized Approach Delivers Personalized Results

Commercial brokerage representation services are typically free, with all compensation paid by the property landlord/seller.

You already have more than enough to do every day to keep your business profitable. Why add more to your plate when looking for commercial property? Just as an attorney assists with legal matters and an accountant assists with financial matters, a professional commercial real estate firm is the most effective way to explore real estate options.

The Kunkel Commercial Group team has decades of combined, local market experience assisting clients in finding the right solution for their unique requirements. Whether seeking office, retail, medical, or industrial space, or land to construct a new facility, we can help.

At Kunkel Commercial Group, services are designed around our client focused approach. We identify your exact needs, taking into consideration factors such as square footage, location, budget, amenities and future growth projections. Once specific requirements are established, we thoroughly research the market and present properties that meet your criteria. We then schedule property tours to assist you in evaluating and narrowing your options.

To begin negotiations, Kunkel Commercial Group prepares a Letter of Intent (LOI) on your behalf to acquire the precise lease/purchase agreement. You can be confident knowing Kunkel Commercial Group will represent your best interests in negotiations, ensuring that you receive your desired terms.

We’re experts in negotiating purchase prices and lease terms such as rent, duration, construction allowances, concessions, operating expenses, etc. And when it comes to critical points of negotiations like full-service vs. triple-net leases, the myriad of renewal options, details of first rights of refusal, load factors, etc., Kunkel Commercial Group will walk you through the process and make sure you get what you want out of the deal.

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    We’ll Assist You With

    • Determining exact space requirements
    • Preparing an RFP for outlining your requirements

    We’ll Develop

    • A list of all available properties that meet your requirements
    • Comparable financial analysis to evaluate the properties side-by-side
    • Financial review to ensure all points are easy to understand

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